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We help companies with lots of verbatim comments gain structured insights from unstructured text data.

Key Challenges:

Representative Customers & Industries:

We serve clients in a broad range of industries both directly and through our Market Research customers, notably:

Market Research, Business Services & More

nielsenMarket Research firms like Nielsen, Kantar, Ipsos, GfK, Market Strategies, and more than 60% of the Honomichl 50 are at the core of Ascribe’s impact on the broader market.  Market Research firms require the highest quality coding and analysis at the most efficient pricing to enable them to drive deeper customer insights, better customer experiences, and highly productive VOC and Customer Experience programming for their clients. These industry leaders also depend on our integrated technologies to serve all manner of complexity and volume in the customer comments collected without detracting from efficiency or productivity.

Retail & Consumer Products

amazon.comRetail and CPG companies like our clients including, Family Dollar, Safelite AutoGlass, Nestle Waters, and Stanley Black & Decker, are keenly interested in understanding customer sentiment.  With an eye on critical elements like product innovation and assortment, path to purchase, and customer experience, we help them carefully watch preferences related to NPS, specific product features, geographical taste differences, and category trends.  Customers have been able to identify issues and opportunities from the store-level all the way to product development and brand positioning.


MckessonHealthcare organizations like our clients including St. Joseph Health System, McKesson, and Adelphi Group, are intently focused on innovation, loyalty, and of course, patient experience, as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  With funding tied more closely than ever before to satisfaction and quality of experience, healthcare organizations have tremendous potential for impact through verbatim feedback analysis.

Higher Ed & Services

careerbuilderCompetition in Higher Ed, other institutional services and the market for talent is fierce, with online and do-it-yourself options, lots of low cost providers, and a flood of millennials hitting the market. The most technically savvy and connected generation to date relies heavily on word of mouth to inform their choices, and brands that want to capture their hearts, minds and wallets depend on the ability to understand what they think, need and want.

Hospitality & Entertainment

ipXWYmRRConsumers have so many choices, not only with how and where they spend their time, but where and from whom they get information, recommendations and access to resources and offers. They are increasingly vocal about their experiences, both within and outside of traditional survey inquiries, and in the highly visible world of hospitality and entertainment, there is nothing more powerful in shaping future experiences than insights from the fans, guests, viewers and visitors themselves.

Financial Services

NBKLogo_smallNowhere is good will and good experience more sensitive or more fragile than in the financial services sector.  From privacy and security to access and fees, banking is a complex business that is highly dependent on consumer trust and loyalty.  Knowing which services are more important to various segments or how product changes are affecting sentiment can be the difference between high turnover and high demand.

Ascribe Connector


In addition to Ascribe Surveys with Google powered sampling, we provide seamless integration with all of the top survey platforms to pull your data into our cloud-based platform to begin extracting actionable insights immediately.

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