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Ascribe Demo Video: See Us In Action

Posted on: August 8th, 2016 by:
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Ascribe Demo Video: See Us In Action

In our first video, Meet Ascribe, you saw how sentiment and text analytics can benefit your overall customer experience program.  We are pleased to introduce our second video – “Ascribe in Action” – which includes snippets from a real Ascribe demo of sentiment analysis, text analytics and data visualization.

Ascribe in Action lets you see the technology in action, including kinds of input you can mine, sample output, and tips for driving more actionable insights from your data. Our new video shows how fast and easy it can be to capitalize on the data you are already collecting, and real examples of how text analysis delivers actionable insights fast.

Next Step: Custom Demo Using YOUR Data

Almost as easily as clicking on the Ascribe demo video, we can feed samples of data from your own survey platform or an Excel spreadsheet into Ascribe Inspector, and show you the power of sentiment and text analysis for your business.

When you see your customer feedback come to life in seconds, you can put it into context with structured data, see how different customer segments feel about various parts of their experience, and identify insights that help you improve the experience in near-real time.

Request a Demo to see how it works with your own data.

Watch Right Here

If this is your first look at Ascribe, start at the beginning with “Meet Ascribe”:

Once you’ve seen the intro video, see “Ascribe in Action”:

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Ascribe Connector


In addition to Ascribe Surveys with Google powered sampling, we provide seamless integration with all of the top survey platforms to pull your data into our cloud-based platform to begin extracting actionable insights immediately.

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