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Ascribe shares Safelite® Case Study at RETAILology

Posted on: September 16th, 2015 by:
Blog Categories: Customer Feedback Analysis & Insights

We have conversations every day with consumer-focused companies looking for ways to capitalize on the volumes of valuable feedback they receive from their customers.

Getting from Feedback to Insights

Retailers and Service Providers know better than anyone the power of customer feedback to help improve the shopper experience and identify brand issues or opportunities.  They also know the challenges of quickly getting to actionable insights that can improve customers’ journeys.

Our customers, like Safelite AutoGlass, which provides vehicle glass repair and replacement services for millions of customers, have improved both their customers’ experiences and their analytics productivity.  I’ll be presenting the Safelite Case Study at RETAILology on September 30th in Palm Springs but since not everyone can attend, I thought I’d share some of the insights here.

Safelite Case Study Preview

Kellan Williams in Safelite Video, discussing how Ascribe software helps him interpret comments and link to other data like NPS.

Kellan Williams in Safelite Video, discussing how Ascribe software helps him interpret comments and link to other data like NPS.

Safelite collects 500,000 responses annually in its customer satisfaction survey, including verbatim comments from customers explaining why they had given a high or a low score. The challenge was to interpret these textual comments together with other data, such as NPS.

Safelite uses our NLP software, Ascribe Inspector, to process survey data and customer feedback, as well as social media data.  Check out just some of the results:

If you’re attending RETAILology, be sure to bring me your questions, and either way, feel free to contact me directly to discuss your unique customer feedback challenges. 


See the rest of the story of how Safelite deciphered their NPS® using comment and sentiment analysis to improve customer satisfaction.


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