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Ascribe Solutions Case Study

Ascribe Solutions Case Study – the Hidden Cost of Cheap Coding

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For the top-20 market research company in this Ascribe Solutions Case Study, the fundamental challenge was to stay ahead of sustained growth in open-ended text, which had topped 4 million responses a year.

The immediate challenge was to improve the quality and reliability of the coding work without increasing the cost base, and without burdening internal researchers’ time and involvement.

Download to learn how a quality-focused initiative not only eliminated coding errors and reduced cycle time, but also dramatically lowered costs.

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Situation at a Glance

• Top-20 Honomichl research company needed a new solution to code four million verbatim responses a year

• Offshoring brought headline costs down, but quality suffered and too much corrective work was required

• The true costs of an inefficient process became apparent after a cost-of-quality analysis

• Ascribe implemented an outsourced coding solution with built-in quality assurance measures backed by an SLA

• Production bottlenecks were eliminated, error rates fell sharply and coding costs were reduced by 65%

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