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Coding Quality Assurance in a World of Uncertainty

Posted on: September 22nd, 2015 by:
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Today’s research environment is demanding, with constant pressures to do more with less. Customer-focused organizations seek rapid understanding of massive amounts of customer feedback, including verbatim data, in many languages with accurate results ­ all at a low cost.

Quickly and accurately coding the volumes of open-ended comments poses a particular challenge to today’s leaner research teams. On top of that, the inevitable yet unpredictable ebb and flow of project work can make it difficult to meet expectations, deadlines, productivity and quality standards simultaneously.

The last thing you want to do is risk internal or external client relationships ­ and your reputation ­ by not delivering on a promise.  Looming risk can make it seem easier (or cheaper) to leave the coding project on the table.  But what vital customer insights are you leaving there with it?  Somewhere between the value and the cost, lies the opportunity

Ascribe Solutions dedicated coding team closes the gap 

Whether you require a solution for simple overflow work or complete outsourcing services, our team can manage your coding needs in a seamless manner for consistent and accurate results, with:

For nearly two decades, the world’s largest market research firms and top niche agencies have consistently trusted their client work to Ascribe Solutions – with that track record and our broad, deep skillset in coding and text analytics, our team is a safe bet to ensure coding quality assurance and optimal understanding of your customer’s experience.

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