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User Experience and Customer-Driven Innovation

Posted on: January 13th, 2016 by:
Blog Categories: Text Analytics Industry Insights & Innovation

The momentum established in the past year will continue to propel our investments and efforts in 2016. Armed with actionable feedback from our customers and users, we are looking forward to additional Customer-Driven Innovation and User Experience upgrades in the coming year.

We are fortunate to have a Development team that leads the industry in creating and innovating verbatim coding, text analytics and data visualization software, not to mention our “gold standard” global Coding Solutions team. As the text analytics software and coding services engine among the world’s top research firms for nearly two decades, we live the value of continuous improvement based on customer input.  This massive, worldwide user base enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of evolving needs and emerging ideas, and drive constant advancement in this exciting industry.

Innovation In the Works

Innovation we have in progress relates to product capability, speed and capacity. We are also constantly working to improve ease of use through product improvements, training and support. Expect changes that reflect user requests, and announcements through the course of the year as our Development team puts the finishing touches on some of the higher-impact innovations, including:

Continuing the User Experience and Innovation Conversation

You will continue to see our perspective and thought leadership in your inbox, in the media, and at the top industry conferences; we are already on the agenda for IIR’s TMRE (The Market Research Event), on the radar at The Quirks Event, and sure to see you at perennial favorites from CASRO, MRE, ESOMAR, CXPA, and more.

Our customers are both passionate and vocal about the power of innovative and integrated text analytics software and services paired with responsive, comprehensive and “high-touch” Training and Support.  Keep an eye out for new case studies and videos that help illustrate the tremendous opportunity in letting the customer provide feedback on his/her own terms, and turning the open-ended customer feedback into actionable insights and ROI.

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