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Insights from Customer Feedback: A Practitioner’s Guide

Posted on: January 16th, 2017 by:
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insights from customer feedback practitioner's guide

A Practitioner’s Guide to Unlocking Insights from Customer Feedback

For 30 years Quirk’s Marketing Research Review has been providing practical applications in marketing research.  For the January 2017 issue, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kellan Williams, data scientist for IBM’s Client Center for Advanced Analytics, in writing “A Practitioner’s Guide to Unlocking Insights from Customer Feedback.”

Kellan and I share a passion for applying insights from customer feedback to drive meaningful change for our businesses, for our clients, and ultimately for the end customer experience.  We value the process of uncovering and amplifying the voice of the customer in appropriate, relative context so that the insights become actionable, and we enjoy the results of the insight-driven actions in the companies we serve. We hope this article serves as a catalyst for greater understanding, productivity and power of eliciting insights from customer feedback, along with the technologies and methodologies that enable it.

In the article, you will find:

Leverage feedback and tools for competitive advantage

“With the proliferation of data – much of it unstructured – companies that get their arms around text analytics now will have a competitive advantage. To listen to the voice of your customer, you need to leverage the things current customers, potential clients or employees are saying about your company. To discover insights and drive change, keep building a culture within your organization of being progressive when it comes to the new data-science techniques and mining the mountains of data.”

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