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New Insights Platform, Ascribe Surveys with Sample Powered by Google

Posted on: March 1st, 2017 by:
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New Insights Platform, Ascribe Surveys, with Sample Powered by Google Surveys

Integrating the Ascribe Intelligence Suite with the scale of Google Surveys provides a powerful and easy-to-use survey, sample and verbatim analysis platform for Market Researchers

Introducing Ascribe Surveys, a new insights platform with consumer sampling powered by Google Surveys to deliver a simple and cost-effective means to reach and collect feedback from consumers around the world.

Ascribe Surveys integrates with the Ascribe Intelligence Suite, providing researchers with industry-leading verbatim coding, sentiment analysis and visualization of customer feedback.

How Ascribe Surveys is Different as an Insights Platform

“This new insights platform accommodates a scope of research activity that is virtually unheard of,” explains Ascribe CEO, Rick Kieser.  “Market Researchers can now seamlessly tap the power of Google’s validated global sample combined with an easy-to-use survey tool and advanced verbatim analytics – no other product can do this today with a single login.”

Ascribe’s powerful analytics technologies integrated with Google Surveys’ sample enables researchers to reach global consumer samples and capture their feedback instantly to:

Google Surveys Partnership

“We’re excited about collaborative opportunities on our platform that bring the reach, quality and speed of our representative sample to third party research products,” explains Dylan Lorimer, Product Manager, Google Surveys.

Ascribe Surveys and Ascribe Intelligence are SaaS-based online tools that are available now to researchers across the world, allowing them to make better, more-informed decisions through a deeper understanding of their customers and markets.

About Ascribe

Ascribe is the leading provider of verbatim analysis software and solutions for the world’s top research firms and brands across 57 countries. Each year, Ascribe processes data from more than 100 million survey completes and analyzes more than 300 million open-ended customer comments captured across a broad range of channels and in a myriad of languages. Ascribe’s SaaS-based technologies include Coder (semi-automated), Accelerator (cognitive computing) and Inspector (NLP) to gain accurate and actionable insights. Ascribe Surveys (collection), Ascribe Illustrator (visualization) and Ascribe Solutions (outsourced coding) round out the offering to make the complete insights platform uniquely powerful. Ascribe refers to Language Logic LLC, a Cincinnati-based private company doing business as Ascribe, its products and related services. Ascribe and each of its products and services are independently trademarked.  

To learn more or request a demo, please visit 

Ascribe Connector


In addition to Ascribe Surveys with Google powered sampling, we provide seamless integration with all of the top survey platforms to pull your data into our cloud-based platform to begin extracting actionable insights immediately.

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