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News about Text Analytics is increasing across the industry and across mainstream media, with so much focus on Customer Experience and Voice-of-the-Customer. Here is a sample of coverage that speaks volumes.

A practitioner’s guide to unlocking insights from customer feedback

by Rick Kieser, CEO at Ascribe and Kellan Williams, data scientist for IBM’s Client Center for Advanced Analytics

Published in Quirk’s Marketing Research Resource, January, 2017.  Read now.

Ascribe Taps Google Consumer Surveys for All-In Tool

by mrweb

Covered in mrweb Daily Research News Online, September 2016. Read now.

Marketing Excellence – Collaboration is the Trick Up Our Sleeve


by Rick Kieser, CEO at Ascribe

AAMA Pinnacle Award Winner logoMA Cincinnati Marketing Pinnacle Winner guest blog, posted June 19, 2016. Read now.

GRIT Report: GreenBook Research Industry Trends

by GreenBook, Chief Editor Leonard Murphy

Published by GreenBook in June, 2016

Ascribe proudly served as a data processing, research and production partner on the 2016 GRIT ReportDownload the Report to learn about the top trends and important developments in the Research Industry.

Text Analytics in CX: Walker Insights Webcast

Produced and recorded by Walker Insights on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Replay the Webcast Recording to hear Insights and Pitfalls from Walker, featuring Success Stories from Rudy Bublitz of Ascribe.

Vendor Landscape: Big Data Text Analytics – Take Action From Customer Insights Hidden in Unstructured Data 

by Boris Evelson, Forrester Research Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals
November 10, 2015 | Updated: November 11, 2015

Ascribe is pleased to be among the top 42 vendors selected. Download the Report to learn more about what to look for in Text Analytics tools.

Analyzing multiple VOC streams requires multiple solutions

by Rick Kieser, CEO at Ascribe

Published in Quirk’s Marketing Research Resource, October, 2015.  Read now.

Ascribe Rolls Out Speech-to-Text Analytics System

by mrweb

Covered in mrweb Daily Research News Online, October 2015. Read now.

Navigating the new data streams: Integrating customer experience management with marketing research 

by Rick Kieser, CEO at Ascribe

Published in Quirk’s Marketing Research Resource, January 2014. Download now.

Words to live by: Thoughts on retrieving information from open-ended questions

by Serge Luyens, vice president of development at Ascribe

Published in Quirk’s Marketing Research Resource, August 2013. Download now.

Press Releases – Making News About Text Analytics

News about Text Analytics comes from Ascribe as well, with innovation, partnership and growth. See details below.

September 26, 2016: Introducing Ascribe Surveys Powered by Google

Integrating the technology and scale of Google Consumer Surveys with the Ascribe Intelligence Suite to provide combined survey, sample and verbatim analysis for Market Researchers.  Download Press Release for more information.

September 29, 2015: Auto Speech-to-Text Analytics Press Release

Ascribe introduces a leading speech-to-text data analysis solution for fast and affordable access to actionable insights derived from customer call center data files. Download Press Release for more information.

April 30, 2015: Qualtrics Press Release

Ascribe Announces First Connector in Series for Leading Survey Platform Provider Qualtrics: Powerful Connector solution opens direct access from Qualtrics’ survey tool to Ascribe’s text analytics suite, enabling real-time classification and interpretation of unstructured data. Download Press Release for more information.

Ascribe Connector


You can easily pull your API survey data and even voice-to-text data into the Ascribe Intelligence suite for faster, more comprehensive access to actionable insights.

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