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Illustrate customer data insights

Illustrate customer data insights – Gain consumer understanding through interactive visualizations

ascribeillustratorAscribe Illustrator™ is an interactive research analytics and diagnostic tool that can transform data into insights via a wide array of graphic visuals, from simple charts to complex word clouds. Ascribe Illustrator is a state-of-the-art data visualization solution that can be integrated with the Ascribe Intelligence™ platform, providing access to best-in-class coding and categorization tools for both small and large jobs, and at varying levels of detail. In addition to speed and accuracy, Ascribe Illustrator provides drill-down features that can visually communicate the customer’s voice. Start delivering clear and concise presentations that provide actionable insights.


Q: What graphic outputs are available on Ascribe Illustrator?
Ascribe Illustrator can transform your data outputs into virtually any visual, including typical bar charts, pie charts, trend lines and cross tabs. Additionally, you can access greater insights through reports and charts designed specifically for unstructured data, such as word clouds, concept clouds, co-occurrence maps and sentiment heat maps. Further, Ascribe Illustrator provides drill-down capabilities that can retrieve specific verbatim comments.

Q: Can Ascribe Illustrator manipulate the data for live presentations?
Yes. Ascribe Illustrator is a dynamic, interactive tool that allows for real-time display of data as well as filtering and drill-down capabilities.

Q: Can Ascribe Illustrator create visualizations from audio verbatim comments?
We sure can. With Ascribe Illustrator, visualizations can be created from any unstructured data, regardless of language or data source. Transcription may be required depending on the original source of the data.

Q: With what languages can Ascribe Illustrator work?
Ascribe Illustrator can work in any language accessible by the Ascribe tools used for analysis, such as Ascribe Inspector . It is only limited by the capabilities within the Ascribe platform. For instance, Ascribe Inspector can manage standard concept extraction across 32 languages, and advanced concept and message extraction in four.

Q: I want to visualize existing data outputs. Can Ascribe Illustrator help?
If those data outputs have been imported into the Ascribe Intelligence platform, then yes, we can help. Any data that has been imported into Ascribe Intelligence can be visualized using Ascribe Illustrator.

Q: Where do I go for support?
Each Ascribe Illustrator account is assigned a dedicated account manager. Additionally, customers can access our support line around the clock, every day of the year, at 877-241-9112.

Q: Is there an incremental cost to using Ascribe Illustrator beyond the Ascribe Intelligence fees?
Yes, but when compared with other data visualization tools, you will find Ascribe Illustrator is competitively priced, especially considering that it is designed specifically to create images from unstructured data. Please see our contact form for detailed pricing.

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In addition to Ascribe Surveys with Google powered sampling, we provide seamless integration with all of the top survey platforms to pull your data into our cloud-based platform to begin extracting actionable insights immediately.

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