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Data Mining for Market Research Firms

Data Mining Services for Market Research Firms

Together with our Solutions offering, the Ascribe Intelligence suite – Coder, Inspector, and Illustrator – delivers the ease and speed of automation with the precision of human coding for Market Research firms. The Ascribe Solutions team can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity by doing the heavy lifting for you – outsource your coding, transcription and translation activities so you can skip right to the

Data Analysis Tools for Market Research Firms


ascribecoderAscribe Coder™ delivers a web-based, semi-automated coding management system that is highly flexible, yet powerful enough to quickly manage any sized project in multiple languages. The software delivers an unmatched return on investment, with productivity increasing typically 200% or more. It can universally import mass amounts of textual content from virtually any data platform, and can code unstructured data from any source, enabling human coders to better use their intuitive capabilities to decipher complex language nuances consistently, and with high precision. Download Coder Data Sheet.


ascribesolutionsAscribe Solutions offers comprehensive outsourced coding, translation and transcription services that transform words to wisdom. Whether you require simple overflow work or complete outsourcing services, our global team can manage your coding needs in a seamless manner for consistent and accurate results, regardless of language, industry or location. Our leading technology and experience allow us to deliver customers the highest quality coding services at highly competitive prices.


ascribeinspectorExplore comments to detect themes, concepts and sentiment simply. Ascribe Inspector uses text analytics to categorize any textual data quickly and easily. The end result is greater productivity with reduced costs. Ascribe Inspector’s easy-to-use interface requires minimal training, so you do not have to wait to combine the speed and consistency of automation with the intuition of human expertise – in a way that is competitively priced. Download Inspector Data Sheet.


ascribeillustratorAscribe Illustrator is an interactive research analytics and diagnostic tool that can transform data into insights via a wide array of graphic visuals, from simple charts to complex word clouds. Ascribe Illustrator is a state-of-the-art data visualization solution that can be integrated with the Ascribe Intelligence™ platform, providing access to best-in-class coding and categorization tools for both small and large jobs, and at varying levels of detail. In addition to speed and accuracy, Ascribe Illustrator provides drill-down features that can visually communicate the customer’s voice. Start delivering clear and concise presentations that provide actionable insights. Download Illustrator Data Sheet.

Ascribe Connector


In addition to Ascribe Surveys with Google powered sampling, we provide seamless integration with all of the top survey platforms to pull your data into our cloud-based platform to begin extracting actionable insights immediately.

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