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Summer Reading List: How to Increase Productivity

Posted on: June 7th, 2017 by:
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increase productivity

Summer Reading List: How to Increase Productivity

At school, shortcuts may not be the ideal way to generate sustained learning, but in business, time is money, and shortcuts can feel like gold.  The trick is that the shortcuts have to get you to the right destination. Good news: you can dramatically increase productivity in your data mining, insight delivery and even your organization using technology “shortcuts”.

Shortcuts to Increase Productivity of Research, Feedback and Insights

With all the data and words collected in robust customer feedback programs, it can be difficult to see the path to insights.  But as any good student knows, using the right resources can make all the difference.

We’ve compiled a summer reading list for you to consider as you evaluate your research resources for opportunities to increase productivity:

Increase Productivity of Data 

Safelite Autoglass Case Study

Learn how Safelite processed and analyzed entire datasets within hours, versus the days or weeks it took using other methods, and capitalized on NPS with cinnebt abd sentiment analysis to add a customer listening perspective to decision making.

Increase Productivity of the Team

Market Strategies Case Study

Read about how leading research consultancy Market Strategies reduced labor from 2900 hours to just 150 hours, a 95% reduction (Marketing Strategies), increasing productivity by a factor of 21, just 5% of the effort previously required to achieve an equivalent result in preparing the data for analysis.

A Practitioners Guide to Unlocking Insights from Customer Feedback (January 2017 Quirks Article)

Quirks published this practical business case published in January 2017. Read on to learn why Kellan Williams, Senior Data Scientist, IBM Client Center for Advanced Analytics  said “Ascribe Surveys combines fast and cost effective surveys with advanced comment analysis. It gives researchers speed, scope, and perspective. No other product can do this with a single logon.”

Increase Productivity of the Organization

Deluxe Corporation Case Study

How did Deluxe Corporation shorten time to insights while increasing quality and control?  Kristi Olson, Senior SX/UX Analyst at Deluxe Corp shared her story, and how the firm drove efficiencies and VOC into their CX/UX initiative with user-friendly, high quality, adaptive and responsive technology enablement, and a deep understanding of the data.

Do you have questions about something you read, or have something to add to our reading list? Contact us today, we’d love to hear from you!

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