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Super Hero for President: Poll Results from Ascribe

Posted on: November 6th, 2016 by:
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Super Hero for President Poll Results

In today’s super-charged political environment full of “super” polls, we wondered how people would vote if Super Heroes could get in the race for the top job.  In a Super Hero for President poll conducted last week via Ascribe Surveys, powered by Google, more than 1,000 respondents told us which Super Hero they would vote for and why.

Survey Methodology & Respondent Profile

The poll was conducted by Ascribe Surveys, powered by Google Surveys, between October 31, 2016 and November 2, 2016, reaching a representative sample of more than 1,000 in the United States with demographics as follows:



Super Hero for President Poll Results

We asked  one simple question:  Which Super Hero would you choose for President and WHY?  Respondents provided their answers in an open field text box.  Here’s how they stacked up:

1. Batman

2. Superman

3. Captain America

4. Wonder Woman


We could have gotten the results above with a multiple choice survey right?  But what does that tell us?  The power of using the open-end is that it goes so much deeper, allowing us to gain insights associated with the choices, and allowing us to use the data to help guide our decision process and positioning.  Below is an overview of what we learned.

WHY THESE Super Hero choices for President?

We created concept clouds for responses by the Super Hero they chose, and selected a few sample quotes to illustrate the sentiment.  Enjoy!

batman#1: Batman

“Batman is the best option. He’s old enough  an American citizen  and is strategic in both a physical and mental capacity. He refuses to give in to terrorism or fear mongering people  always finding a way to solve a problem set before him.”

“Obviously I would vote for batman. He may have had his money handed to him by his parents  but he still experienced loss and worked very hard. He is thoughtful and just an overall great person protecting innocents. Also  he is still a human and is going head to head with many meta humans. batman has to use his brains  while superhero’s like Superman uses his powers. While superman is almost invincible  batman could die in any battle  so that makes him brave.”

superman#2: Superman

“superman  he holds multiple qualities that can enable him to multi-task. He’s also one of the leaders of justice league which hold great power. If he can control that much power he could lead our country.”

“superman he knew what it was to be the common man and the hero to safe the day”



#3: Captain America

“Captain America – Military background, stern sense of right and wrong, immune to corruption, and always has the little guy in his best thoughts”

“Captain America. He has a strong sense of justice, loyalty and patriotism. He is able to use force when necessary, but doesn’t want to use it at the same time. He also came from humble origins so he is a man of the people, he’s been hungry and knows what it’s like to be the little guy.”



#4: Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman. she has an invisible plane that won’t cost tax payers money. And she doesn’t need body guards much, and it will save tax payers more money. and she has the lasso of truth when she has meeting with people they will be honest, because she has connections to more super heroes. and she is super-hot”





We can only dream of a Super Hero for President, but voting is a reality.  Perhaps these results serve as an inspiration, or maybe just a little fun in a very serious news cycle.

Download a PDF of these results.

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