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Case Studies & Perspectives

Customer Text Analytics Case Studies

Corporate Case Studies

safelite_logo_156x56Inspecting Net Promoter Scores® – Safelite® uncovers insights behind NPS to improve customer satisfaction. By leveraging Ascribe Inspector™ the auto glass repair giant gained actionable insights from its 500,000 annual survey responses. Read more…
Ascribe Inspector Safelite Case Study (PDF) / Ascribe Inspector Safelite Video Case Study

market_strategies_logo_transparentIntelligent analysis – Combining three analytical methods using Ascribe’s software has allowed Market Strategies to bring the voice of the customer into the heart of this client’s analysis of both market research and enterprise feedback management data. Read more…

Researcher Case Studies

Coder Case Study_thumb

Quickly & Easily Analyzing Complex Data Sets – Ameritest leverages Ascribe CX Snapshot to easily identify actionable insights for advertising research. Read more…

Data Coding & Visualization – Deluxe Corporation capitalizes on tools and training to drive productivity for its digital data. Read more…

Code for Success – Ascribe Coder helped a leading market research firm save nearly $9mm annually on verbatim coding costs while enabling teams to collaborate globally on critical projects. Read more…

The Hidden Cost of Cheap Coding – Discover how Ascribe Solutions saved a Top-20 Honomichl market research company hundreds of thousands of dollars by delivering a high quality outsourced verbatim coding solution. Read more…

Ascribe Perspectives

As leaders and partners in an industry we also serve – Market Research – we have a unique vantage point on needs and opportunities for innovation.  Read our Perspectives to learn more:

Perspective – Connectors

Seamless data transfer from multiple survey platforms into your text analysis platform is critical to maximize value derived from market research. Read more.

Ascribe Connector


In addition to Ascribe Surveys with Google powered sampling, we provide seamless integration with all of the top survey platforms to pull your data into our cloud-based platform to begin extracting actionable insights immediately.

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