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Unstructured Data into Customer Experience Insights

Ascribe’s leading suite of text analytics technologies delivers precise, actionable insights at high-speed with optimal productivity, using software and services that efficiently transform open-ended customer comments – from words to wisdom. With Ascribe, companies make better, more-informed decisions through a deeper understanding of their customers and markets.


We were founded as Language Logic LLC, the Cincinnati-based private company you now know as Ascribe. For nearly two decades, we have served the world’s top research firms and driven continuous, disruptive innovation via proprietary verbatim comment analysis, starting with semi-automated coding, then progressively integrating machine learning, fully automated text analytics and data visualization.

Our intuitive technologies analyze a wide variety of unstructured data forms, including comments from surveys, social media and voice-to-text, and they customize easily for use in any language. Supporting client teams around the globe, our Solutions practice leads the industry in outsourced coding, translation and transcription services.

From our offices in North America and Europe, we process hundreds of millions of verbatim comments annually for elite brands across 57 countries to enable them to make better-informed decisions that lead to relevant product development, exceptional customer journeys, improved operations, employee engagement, revenue growth and increased profits.



We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions that are both approachable and reliable. Ensuring that mix requires an executive team that works as your partner – understanding your needs and going above and beyond to meet them. Learn more about our world-class team

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In addition to Ascribe Surveys with Google powered sampling, we provide seamless integration with all of the top survey platforms to pull your data into our cloud-based platform to begin extracting actionable insights immediately.

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