About Ascribe

Our History

We were founded as Language Logic LLC, the Cincinnati-based private company now known as Ascribe. For nearly two decades, we have served the world’s top research firms and driven continuous, disruptive innovation via proprietary verbatim comment analysis, starting with semi-automated coding, then progressively integrating machine learning, fully automated text analytics and data visualization.

Our intuitive technologies analyze a wide variety of unstructured data forms, including verbatim comments from surveys, social media and voice-to-text, and they customize easily for use in any language. Supporting client teams around the globe, our Services team leads the industry in outsourced coding, translation and transcription services.

From our offices in North America and Europe, we process hundreds of millions of verbatim comments annually for elite brands in 57 countries to enable them to make confident decisions. The insights lead to relevant product development, exceptional customer journeys, improved operations, employee engagement, revenue growth and increased profits.

Our Values:

  • Customer First & Focused
  • Expertise & Excellence Delivered
  • Commanding Innovation & Insight
  • Passion & Action Driven
  • Committed Diversity & Integrity

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Our Team

We are Leaders, Technicians, Coaches, Learners, Innovators, Analysts, Developers, Connectors. We pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions that are user-friendly and reliable. Ensuring that mix requires an executive team that works as your partner – understanding your needs and going above and beyond to meet them.

  • Rick Kieser, CEO

    Chief Executive Officer

    Rick took the reins as CEO of Ascribe in 2012, after serving as chief operating officer for two years. A seasoned executive leader with 20 years of operating, management consulting and venture capital experience, Rick is charting Ascribe’s transformation from a mid-sized company into a leading, global provider of analytics services for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Ascribe, Rick dedicated 13 years to leading growth equity investments and managing portfolio companies in the software business intelligence and technology industries. Earlier, Rick gained six years of international management consulting experience, specializing in operational improvement initiatives at AT Kearney and Gemini Consulting. Rick holds a degree in economics from the University of California at Los Angeles, and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he later served on the Alumni Executive Committee.

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  • Charles Baylis

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Charles is one of Ascribe’s founders and the original developer of the Ascribe platform. As Chief Innovation Officer, he is responsible for the creation of new products and continually strives to improve the Ascribe platform. Charles has been creating software products for more than two decades – before joining Ascribe, he served in product development roles at Domain, Logix, FASTech, and Applied Materials, and founded two successful semiconductor manufacturing automation software companies. He holds an engineering sciences degree from Dartmouth College, a Master’s in materials science from Stanford University, and a Master’s in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley.

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  • Carla Reichelderfer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Carla joined Ascribe in 2011 as CFO, bringing extensive executive experience as CEO, COO and CFO in telephony and technology organizations. She is an expert in leading growth initiatives that also enhance customer experience, focusing on product expansion, process and financial improvements. Carla leads the day-to-day operations of the finance, accounting and human resource teams. She is a C.P.A. and holds an MBA from Xavier University.

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  • Chrissy Stevens

    VP Services

    Christina Stevens (Chrissy) is the Vice President, Services at Ascribe. She has been with Ascribe since 2001. She was the first services group employee and has been a dedicated Ascribe team member. Chrissy has moved up the ranks in the Services team during her seventeen years, including Supervisor, Manager, and Vice President. Prior to Ascribe, she managed coding teams and projects for a full-service market research firm for 12 years.

    Chrissy leads a team of professional verbatim coders who serve some of the largest and most respected market research firms in the world. They field thousands of surveys each year and need seasoned experts like Chrissy and her team to “code” open-ended survey questions. Chrissy also helps clients increase productivity and efficiency by using Ascribe as a management tool.

    Chrissy is proud of her team and the work they do to develop and uphold stringent quality standard unmatched in the industry. Often times, Chrissy and the team are an extension of the client’s operations team.

    Since 2001, Ascribe changed the industry by providing an automation tool, Ascribe Coder, for coders who had been conducting the process manually. Coding has always been an important part of the research process but difficult and time consuming. Chrissy enjoys helping her clients uncover insights by providing this service. Chrissy is known as a grounded, dedicated team member who will do what needs to be done to service and support her clients. As one of Chrissy’s clients recently replied, “Thanks again for making me look great 😊”.

    Outside of work, Chrissy is an Olympic Lifting Coach, renovates homes with her husband and enjoys the outdoors. Chrissy also supports charities like Light of Life Mission for homeless.

  • Lara Rice

    Director, Training

    Lara is director of Ascribe training, educating clients on the Ascribe platform. Her responsibilities include developing training exercises for new Ascribe functions, ensuring that clients successfully implement the Ascribe platform, and communicating client needs to program developers. Lara joined Ascribe in 2001 as account manager for Ascribe Coding.

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  • Mark Thatcher

    Director, Product Integration and Support

    With more than 20 years of market research experience, Mark is an expert in data processing and interpretation. As Director of Product Integration and Support, he works closely with Ascribe development, sales and training teams, offering clients the best possible solutions for data flow into and out of the Ascribe platform. Mark also heads the support team to ensure clients receive timely and accurate answers to any issues, going above and beyond to distinguish our support team in the customer care arena. He joined Ascribe in 2003, and has helped virtually every new client integrate our platform into its daily processes.

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  • Mike O'Brian

    Chief Technology Officer

    Mike has been a member of the Ascribe team for nearly 6 years and holds the title of CTO. He possesses 18+ years of software development experience. Prior to joining Ascribe, Mike held several senior software development roles at Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions and Bluespring Software. Mike received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.