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 Ascribe launches 5th generation text analytics software

More interactive, customizable and powerful to uncover actionable insights quickly

CINCINNATI, Ohio, January 26, 2022

Ascribe, a global verbatim analysis and software service company, announces a new release of 
CX Inspector with improved speed and capabilities. The 5th generation of its text analytics software, CX Inspector quickly analyzes open-ended responses, creates dashboards, and exports results uncovering key topics, sentiment and insights to help leaders make informed decisions on their business.

Powered by the most advanced NLP and AI technologies, CX Inspector can analyze hundreds of thousands of textual comments. With the interactive, fully customizable dashboard, users can explore the data by filtering on variables, clicking through to individual comments and changing visuals easily. Specialized templates can be saved for use on other datasets and results can be exported to a variety of platforms. CX Inspector integrates the analysis of both closed and open-ended data, making it a powerful solution for NPS, Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction studies.

“Customers are seeking a text analysis solution that is easy to use and can quickly deliver results to inform their business decisions. We are excited to share our 5th generation CX Inspector software which transforms textual data into dashboards customized to address the business need,” says Rick Kieser, Ascribe CEO. “The software is incredibly flexible and fast with improved functionality. For analyzing large sets of open-ended responses, CX Inspector is a cost-effective and innovative solution.” Contact Ascribe to learn more.

About Ascribe

Founded in 1999, Ascribe’s leading verbatim analytics solutions and services help the world’s largest market research firms, corporate researchers and customer experience professionals structure open-ended comments for analysis. Ascribe’s comprehensive and flexible SaaS-based technologies enable accurate and fast analysis of verbatim comments regardless of channel or language.

Debbie Marquardt, Ascribe