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Our training and support teams are unique in the field, with decades of experience executing new technology introductions and ongoing user support. 

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Ascribe provides a suite of industry leading solutions which categorize and analyze verbatim comments quickly and easily, reducing analysis time and increasing productivity.

Web-based verbatim coding management system which helps classify and analyze verbatim comments with improved speed and accuracy. 

Coder’s auto-assist method organizes the work intelligently, resulting in improved accuracy, reduced cycle time and lower costs. Coder provides automatic translation, multi-lingual capabilities, time accounting and productivity monitoring features, universal import and export of data, and seamless integration into downstream processing and reporting. Coder has been trusted by the world’s largest market research firms for over 20 years to provide high quality results with less rework. 

“Coder has been life-changing, giving us the ability to process data in hours instead of days.”  

Maurice Patterson, Market Research Analyst for iHeartMedia Critical Mass Media  

Ascribe Intelligence Product Suite:

We process millions of comments each week. Ascribe provides outstanding training and support with decades of experience, ensuring a quick start and support when needed. Ascribe has been serving the industry’s largest market research firms and corporations for over 20 years. Contact us to discuss which Ascribe solution best meets your needs. 

Contact us to learn how Ascribe’s powerful verbatim analytics platform can help your team exceed its goals.

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Innovative text analytics software which analyzes thousands of verbatim comments in minutes, gleaning insights from data quickly, cost effectively and with fewer resources. 

CX Inspector’s topic and sentiment analysis are powered by Ascribe’s fourth-generation text analytics solution using the most advanced Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technologies. It’s a customizable and feature-rich tool with automatic translations, drag and drop topic grouping capability to create custom taxonomies, and easy to use ruleset functionalities. X-Score measures customer satisfaction directly from verbatim comments and identifies the key satisfaction drivers in the X-Score Insights Report. 

“We are now gaining incredible value out of the verbatim responses; the insights are as useful as the quantitative answers. We can take action based on the results quickly, and leaders can dig deeper with follow-up questions in real-time so we can guide decisions.”  

Dr. Silke McCance, P&G, Global Talent Practice 

Interactive data visualization tool that transforms structured and unstructured data into virtually any visual display helping convey complex insights through powerful images. 

Illustrator generates clear and concise charts and dashboards that deliver actionable insights in a format that is easy to share and understand across the organization. It allows teams to drill-down in the analysis to retrieve specific verbatim comments, then uses its unique filtering capabilities to illuminate the meaning behind those words. Illustrator transforms data into bar charts, trend lines, pie charts, cross tabs, heat maps, co-occurrence maps and word/concept clouds. 

“Illustrator simplifies access to the data and allows us to explore it further through filters. We create cross tabs with multiple banners. We see the top positives and negatives and then explore the demographics. We can dig all the way down to the verbatim comment to get more insight on the respondent. I like how responsive it is.”  

Global team of experts who offer comprehensive full-service coding, translation and text analysis services, delivering projects “first-time right” with high accuracy within project timelines. 

Ascribe Services offers coding and translation in any language, transcription, adverse events reporting, and Verbatim Quality Service which identifies email addresses, nonsense, PII, illegitimate responses, profanity and duplicate responses. We provide customized reporting with automated downstream data integration. We are also a US and North America Compliance service company. Leveraging experience across industries, we code over 1 million verbatim comments per month. Our management team has more than 200 years of experience in the market research industry. 

“The Ascribe Services team is top notch. I don’t know what we would do without them. They deliver everything at the highest quality, and quickly!”  

Lisa Hayes, IPSOS Director of North American Operations 

  • Coding management system to classify open-ended responses from market research projects using AI and machine learning technologies.

  • Text-analysis software to quickly analyze thousands of verbatim comments via advanced NLP.

  • A team of experts to complete your verbatim analysis project providing multi-lingual coding, translation and transcription services.

Ascribe has a solution to meet your needs. We offer: