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Ascribe Surveys makes it easy to get fast, reliable insights from consumers across the internet and on mobile devices — allowing you to make more informed business decisions, understand your marketing impact, and keep a pulse on the health of your brand.

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To find out what people really think, just ask the internet

From Fortune 500 companies to startups, Ascribe Surveys makes it easy to reach your target audience — helping inform day-to-day business decisions in just four simple steps.

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4 simple steps to online market research.

Choose your target audience, type your questions, and watch the results roll in within hours.

1 Ask questions

Reach the audience you want.

Design your survey.

Ask up to 10 questions at a time and select from a variety of question formats, like multiple-choice, star-rating, image choice, video, and open ends.

Decide who you want to take your survey.

Choose whether you’d like your survey to run on our network of online publishers or through our mobile app. Then, filter participants based on demographics, like age, gender, and location or set up a series of screening, or pre-qualification, questions.

Reach highly-targeted audiences.

If you want to monitor brand perception among key consumer groups, you can with location targeting and screening questions. And if you’re having trouble reaching your B2B audience, occupation and industry targeting can help you find those hard-to-reach professionals to get the online market research you need.

2 Get answers

Get real answers from real people — fast.

Respondents answer questions in exchange for incentives.

Your questions live across a network of news, reference, and entertainment sites, as well as within our mobile app. Here people answer your questions in exchange for access to premium content, and credits to Google Play.

Feel confident with a representative sample.

Ascribe Surveys accurately determines the age, gender, and location of online respondents based on their browsing history and IP address. While on mobile, app users answer demographic questions up front. Which means you get a representative sample of thousands of respondents without having to ask demographic questions yourself.

3 See results

See initial results within hours.

Get analyzed data.

Ascribe Surveys quickly analyzes your survey data and delivers it in easy-to-navigate graphs, demographic segmentations, and cross-tabs so you can easily draw insights that can help your business thrive.

Easily share results.

Share results with your team or customers via email, links, or export them as spreadsheets.

4 Dig deeper

Use advanced analytics for richer insights.

Choose a comment analysis technology.

Ascribe offers traditional verbatim coding, advanced text analytics, or artifical intelligence to interpret the voice of the consumer.

Choose the best business and consumer survey solution for you.

Decide which Ascribe Surveys solution is right for you. Then pay as you go or talk to a sales representative to get started.


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Perfect for... Companies without survey experience Mid-sized companies for ad hoc surveys Larger enterprises with multiple users and advanced targeting needs
Pricing Starting at 10¢ per complete (plus service fees) Starting at 10¢ per complete Starting at 10¢ per complete
Representative sample
Demographic targeting by gender, age, and geographic region
Custom targeting with screening questions
User and account administration N/A N/A
Support and services Dedicated account representive Support form and email Support form, email, help desk, and SLAs
Payment options Invoiced by job Credit card Invoiced weekly


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Single User

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