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Social media research companies – Quirk’s October issue special feature

Posted on: October 23rd, 2017 by:
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social media research special feature

Social media research in Quirk’s October issue

Social media research presents massive opportunity for companies and researchers who want to draw insights from day-to-day activities of consumers, and capture their feelings in the context of their experience to supplement the insights they gather through more traditional research.

The trick with social media is that it is everywhere, all the time.  You can read all day long, but just like with open ended comments in traditional research, the insights are only truly revealed through aggregation and analysis.   If you’re still doing social listening with your eyeballs, consider collecting and converting all that data to a format you can use to your advantage through more structured social media research.

The bottom line on social media research – excerpts from Quirk’s October special feature

According to Quirk’s October special feature, the information available on Social Media “provides insights that can help brands and companies maximize their social media presence, improving brand strategy and image.”  There are several reasons to include social media in your research program:

The role of verbatim analysis in social media research

Social media research data captures sentiment from consumers as they are experiencing it.  While some companies may relish the chance to see an individual problem or need and address it directly in the  moment, there is a broader opportunity.  Looking across posts, consumers, and all the ways you can categorize consumer segments, you can identify trends, prioritize needs and issues more efficiently.

Read Quirk’s special feature for more insights and ideas on how to capitalize on social media research.

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