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Charles Baylis

Posted on: April 23rd, 2015 by:


Charles is one of Ascribe’s founders and the original developer of the Ascribe platform on which the company is built. As chief technology officer, he is responsible for the design, development and quality assurance of all Ascribe products. He demands world-class programming from his team, and continually strives to improve the Ascribe interface and to offer better tools based on the latest technologies and user feedback. A serial entrepreneur with years of technology and development experience, Charles has been creating software products for more than two decades. Before joining Ascribe, he served in product development roles at Domain Logix, FASTech, and Applied Materials, and founded two successful semiconductor manufacturing automation software companies. He holds an engineering sciences degree from Dartmouth College, a Master’s in materials science from Stanford University, and a Master’s in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley.

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