Making Qualitative Analysis Easier

Ascribe's industry-leading solutions categorize and analyze open-ended comments quickly and easily, reducing analysis time and increasing productivity.

AI Coder NEW RELEASE! Theme-based auto-coding

Ascribe, trusted by the industry’s largest market research firms and corporate clients for over 20 years, processes millions of comments every week. Ascribe’s innovative solutions along with our outstanding training, support and services teams, can help deliver your business goals.

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Web-based verbatim coding management system helps classify verbatim comments and improves productivity.

Coder’s auto-assist method organizes the work intelligently, improving accuracy and speed. Coder provides automatic translation, multi-lingual capabilities, time accounting and productivity monitoring features, universal import and export of data, and seamless integration into downstream processing and reporting. Trusted by the world’s largest market research firms, Coder provides high quality results with less rework.

Interactive text analytics solution analyzes open-ended responses to uncover key insights, then visualizes and exports results quickly .

CX Inspector is a cost-effective tool with topic and sentiment analysis, automatic translations, drag and drop topic grouping to create custom taxonomies, and easy to use ruleset functionalities. X-Score measures customer satisfaction directly from comments and identifies key satisfaction drivers. CX Inspector uses the most advanced NLP and AI technologies to produce results quickly, cost effectively and with fewer resources. 

Interactive data visualization tool transforms Coder and CX Inspector results into powerful images to reveal insights.

Illustrator generates clear and concise charts and dashboards that deliver actionable insights in a format that is easy to share and understand. It allows teams to drill-down in the analysis to retrieve specific verbatim comments, then uses its unique filtering capabilities to illuminate the meaning behind those words. Illustrator transforms data into bar charts, trend lines, pie charts, cross tabs, heat maps, co-occurrence maps and word/concept clouds.

Full-service experts deliver comprehensive coding, text analysis and specialty services quickly and accurately.

Ascribe Services offers coding and translation in any language, transcription, adverse events reporting, and Verbatim Quality Service which cleans responses. Services delivers customized reporting with automated downstream data integration and is a NA & EU Compliance service company. With 20+ years of experience, Market Researchers trust Ascribe Services to deliver projects “first-time right” with high accuracy within project timelines. 

We are proud to work with the following clients.

We serve clients in a broad range of industries both directly and through our Market Research customers.

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Training & Support

Ascribe’s outstanding Training and Support Teams are ready to help.

Ascribe’s dedicated Training & 24/7 Support Teams have decades of experience training customers, delivering upgraded technologies and providing ongoing support to ensure our solutions meet your business needs.

Ascribe Integration

Import and export data seamlessly.

Ascribe supports your project from start to finish, whether seamlessly processing data files by importing and exporting to your platforms, leveraging dynamic returns, or customizing an integration based on your requirements. This support can significantly increase productivity, reduce turn-around time, and eliminate human error.

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Featured Case Studies

Ascribe is proud to partner with world-class organizations.

Ipsos reduced processing time and minimized errors with automated data transfer. 

P&G processed thousands of open-ended comments in 30 languages to uncover more insights quickly

Services improved error rate, cycle time, reliability, and costs of coding.