Reveal Actionable Insights from Verbatim Comments

Verbatim Analysis

People, whether they are customers, employees or patients, are increasingly voicing their opinions across a variety of outlets, like open-ended survey responses, social media, customer service call centers, etc. Companies ask for feedback through voice of the customer (VoC), customer experience (CX), and Employee Experience (EX) studies. These responses are called “verbatim comments”. While this data can have the richest insights for organizations, it is also the hardest to Collect, Analyze, Visualize, and Act upon.

Ascribe’s suite of leading text-analytics software tools reveal critical insights from verbatim comments that enable organizations to make confident decisions.

Gain Actionable Insights with Text Analytics

Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis

Text analytics is the process of analyzing verbatim comments, pulling out relevant information, and transforming it into actionable insights. It can help pinpoint with greater specificity not only the shifts in opinions and satisfaction over time and across regions and groups of people, but also the key reasons for the shifts.

For customer satisfaction surveys, is there one bad apple in your customer service area? Do you have a policy innovation somewhere that should be replicated? How will you know, if you don’t know WHY service was “good” or “bad”? Analyze your feedback to find out.

Sentiment analysis is a sub-segment of Text Analytics. It determines if the words used are positive, negative, or neutral, and to what degree.

Ascribe has two Text Analytics tools that enable automatic categorization of any verbatim comments quickly and easily, CX Snapshot and Inspector. These tools deliver results that are intuitive and give an instant overview of their customers’, employees’ or patients’ experiences by revealing key themes and opinions from the data.

Use Sentiment Analysis to Spot trends in data

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Text Analytics Fueled by Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Human speech is often ambiguous and includes slang, regional dialects and social context. Natural language processing (NLP) is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI), having the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken. It mines text to look for patterns and adjusts program actions accordingly. Ascribe text analytics tools are fueled by NLP, ensuring that the insights are accurate and actionable. Learn more about NLP analytics.

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