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Our Purpose

Ascribe’s purpose is to easily and simply reveal actionable insights from verbatim comments.

Ascribe’s leading suite of text analytics software delivers precise, actionable insights from verbatim comments quickly and easily. With Ascribe, companies make better, more-informed decisions through a deeper understanding of their customers, patients, employees and markets.

Customers & Industries

We serve clients in a broad range of industries both directly and through our Market Research customers. They know that there are rich insights within verbatim comments. But, this data is difficult and time-consuming to collect, analyze and visualize, so they rely on Ascribe to help.

Market Research, Business Services & More

Market Research firms require the highest quality analysis and visualizeation to enable them to provide deeper customer insights for their clients. They run a diverse and vast array of surveys with many open-ended comments. The studies provide needed insights for critical operational issues or opportunities, key touch points in the customer journey, and ideas for product innovation.

Retail & Consumer Products

Retail and Consumer Product companies including our clients Amazon.com, Family Dollar, Safelite AutoGlass, Nestle Waters, and Stanley Black & Decker, are keenly interested in understanding customers’ opinions. Our clients have been able to identify issues and opportunities from the store-level all the way to product development and brand positioning.


Organizations including our clients St. Joseph Health System, McKesson, and Adelphi Group, are intently focused on innovation, loyalty, and of course, patient experience. With funding tied more closely than ever before to satisfaction and quality of experience, healthcare organizations have tremendous potential for impact through verbatim comments.

Higher Ed

Competition in Higher Ed, other institutional services and the market for talent is fierce, and many students rely on word-of-mouth to inform their choices.  It is critical for these organizations to gain insights from all sources, especially what students are ‘saying’ in social media.

Hospitality & Entertainment

Consumers are increasingly vocal about their experiences, and there is nothing more powerful in shaping future experiences than insights from the fans, guests, viewers and visitors themselves.

Financial Services

From privacy and security to access and fees, banking is a complex business that is highly dependent on consumer trust and loyalty.  Knowing which services are more important to various segments or how product changes are affecting sentiment can be the difference between high turnover and high demand.

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Professional Partners

As an integral member of the Market Research and Customer Experience industries, we are proud to work closely with a vast number of premiere companies around the globe. We serve the world’s leading Market Research companies, are active in the industry’s most respected organizations and are invested in critical conversations among top Customer Experience and Marketing executives.

Ascribe Connector Partners

In early 2015, Ascribe introduced its first formal Connector enabling clients seamless transfer of verbatim comments collected via Qualtrics straight to Ascribe’s text analytics tools.

Since then, we have established Connectors with the other leading survey gathering platforms, including Confirmit, Decipher, Questback and Survey Monkey.

If you are a potential Connector Partner or a Client who would like an alternative way to access your survey information, please contact us!

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