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Choosing the Right Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis Tool to Analyze Your Open-Ended Responses

Open-ended responses provide some of the most valuable insights for guiding business decisions, yet are often underutilized (or outright ignored) when analyzing market research surveys and other datasets with open-ended or textual responses. By leaving this key data on the table, customer loyalty metrics, employee engagement data, innovation research, and more go untold. Critical opportunities are lost or—at best—acted on with limited insight.

Market researchers often report feeling frustrated that the data they’re collecting, and know to hold key understandings, goes unused—its potential untapped because to analyze would be a long, arduous process that they don’t have the time or resources to execute.

Ascribe CX Inspector was designed to meet the need for an efficient text analytics tool. With CX Inspector, gaining insight from verbatim comments is not only possible… It’s simple. Manually analyzing the open-ended responses sitting on your desk could take days or even weeks, but with Ascribe CX Inspector, a leading tool for sentiment analysis, that data becomes usable knowledge in a matter of minutes.

Analyze Large Amounts of Open-Ended Responses from Datasets Quickly and Easily

Ascribe CX Inspector is a customizable text analytics software that allows users to gather and sift through open-ended data quickly and easily. CX Inspector integrates structured and unstructured data using topic and sentiment analysis to better understand the responses provided in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, concept idea tests, and other valuable datasets.


CX Inspector uses a patented tool called X-Score to efficiently measure satisfaction and sentiment and identify the key drivers of positive and negative sentiment, or satisfaction and dissatisfaction. A score between 0-100 indicates positive sentiment or satisfaction, while -100 to 0 indicates negative sentiment or dissatisfaction. X-Score helps businesses uncover crucial next steps for improving the score and driving real business results, and can be used to benchmark results over time.

Driven by Sentiment and Topic Analysis

CX Inspector’s interactive and customizable dashboards empower market researchers to explore their data by filtering through key variables to better understand who or what is being affected—zero in on individual comments or focus on the top-level themes that matter most to you and your business. You can also analyze and create reports, like crosstabs and co-occurrences, to uncover knowledge to improve your understanding of the data.

Ease of Use

Ascribe CX Inspector is a leading text analytics tool for insight professionals and market researchers who have large datasets with open-ended comments that they would like to analyze, but haven’t found the time, money, nor right solution to do so. CX Inspector empowers you to analyze thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of open-ended responses in minutes (compared to hours, days, or weeks).

CX Inspector includes user-friendly features such as:

  • Interactive, customizable dashboard
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ grouping capabilities 
  • Ability to click through and see individual comments
  • Translation from 100 languages
  • Ability to filter by any variable
  • PII removal and profanity clean-up 
  • Import and export of data is quick and easy

Ascribe CX Inspector uses advanced AI and NLP to smoothly integrate data and generate swift and accurate results. And if data integration is an issue, Ascribe offers custom API services to support data importing.

How to Use CX Inspector for Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

As any business owner knows, it costs more to gain a new customer or onboard a new employee than it does to retain an existing one. Text analytics and sentiment analysis from CX Inspector bridges the gaps between your business and your customers or employees by uncovering key sentiment, engagement, and loyalty insights.

But CX Inspector isn’t just limited to customer satisfaction and employee engagement datasets—in fact, it can be used to analyze open-ended responses from:

  • NPS studies
  • VOC research
  • Advertising copy tests
  • Various tracking studies
  • Innovation research
  • Concept idea tests
  • And more

Whatever your data represents, CX Inspector empowers you to ask the valuable open-ended questions that previously felt off-limits due to time-consuming, costly, and complicated analysis. Already swimming in a sea of data? Finally make it work for you by analyzing it in a matter of minutes, and interpret it in a variety of meaningful ways that support your business.

CX Inspector is Your Solution to Analyzing Open-Ended Responses

With key insights that could inform critical business decisions on the line, analyzing and understanding open-ended survey results is more important than ever. Whether you need to gauge customer satisfaction or employee engagement, test advertising copy or concept ideas, Ascribe CX Inspector is the text analytics tool for the job. Analyze your datasets in minutes, visualize and export results in whichever way is most meaningful, and uncover key insights to help guide your business decisions. 

Analyze open-ended responses and gain key business insights with CX Inspector:

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