Text Analytics

Transform open ends into valuable insights quickly. Easily edit charts and export results to share. Leverages the most advanced AI.

Load your file with one click and charts immediately identify the top themes, then easily export data and visuals. Edit results with filters, sentiment, and crosstabs. New Theme Extractor reveals actionable insights, a big step forward from single word topics.

CX Inspector Enterprise Solution

Full-featured advanced text analytics solution which analyzes large datasets with open end comments quickly and easily, uncovering key insights.

Explore the data with the interactive and customizable dashboard, filter by a variable, create crosstabs or click to see the individual responses. Save dashboards for future use. Easily import data, or automate the data in-flow for recurring studies. Quickly export the results to your platform, or create a sharable link.


X-Score, a proprietary customer experience measurement used in both CXI Go and CX Inspector, combines the sentiment and frequency of topics within open ends to identify the key drivers that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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  • Self-Serve DIY Text Analytics
  • Single user
  • Free Trial
  • $99/project. Pay by credit card
  • One data load per project (10,000 comments)
  • Fully automated AI (no coding)
  • Common charts and tables
  • Top level analysis
  • Topic and sentiment analysis
  • Manual imports and exports
  • No data integration
  • Multilingual
  • Training via online guides
  • Technical Support via email
  • Projects saved while account is active

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CX Inspector

  • Full-Featured Advanced Text Analytics
  • Enterprise (multiple users, SSO)
  • Free Demo with your data
  • Annual contract pricing
  • License and per transaction fees
  • Excellent for large datasets
  • Incremental dataloads
  • Fully automated AI (no coding)
  • Interactive, customizable dashboard
  • Topic and sentiment analysis
  • Automatic translation
  • Customized taxonomies and rule sets
  • Advanced imports and exports
  • Share results via live link
  • Data integration via APIs
  • Live Training and 24/7 Technical Support
  • Projects are saved

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Market researchers, insight professionals, business professionals, data scientists and human resource professionals use text analytics to analyze open ends from a variety of sources:
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Studies.
Voice of the Customer Research (VOC)
Advertising Copy Tests
Customer Experience Tracking (CX)
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Employee Engagement Surveys
Tracking Studies
Innovation Research
Concept Idea Tests

Case Study

P&G gains holistic perspective from employee feedback with CX Inspector, finding deeper insights from thousands of responses in over 30 languages.

We are better able to understand employee feedback by filtering and segmenting specific groups of employees. We can take action based on the results quickly, and leaders can dig deeper with follow-up questions in real-time so we can guide decisions.
Dr. Silke McCance Senior Manager Global Talent Practice

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