Analyze open-ended responses then visualize and export results quickly, uncovering key topics, sentiment and insights to make informed business decisions

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Topic And Sentiment Analysis

Interactive, Customizable Dashboard

Analyze thousands of open-end

Click through to see individual comments

Integrates unstructured and structured data

Filter by any variable

Drag and drop grouping capability

Easy to use custom rulesets

Translation from 100 languages

Removes PII and cleans profanity

Excellent customer training

Outstanding customer support

Easily import and export data

Customize applications with Ascribe’s API

Powered by Advanced AI and NLP

X-Score uses open-ended comments to create a measure of customer experience and identify the key drivers that will increase satisfaction and loyalty. 

CX Inspector with X-Score is used by Market Researchers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Human Resource professionals across a variety of data sources.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Studies

Voice of the Customer Research (VOC)

Advertising Copy Tests

Customer Experience Tracking (CX)

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Employee Engagement Surveys

Tracking Studies

Innovation Research

Concept Idea Tests

Case Study

P&G gains holistic perspective from employee feedback with CX Inspector, finding deeper insights from thousands of responses in over 30 languages

“We are better able to understand employee feedback by filtering and segmenting specific groups of employees. We can take action based on the results quickly, and leaders can dig deeper with follow-up questions in real-time so we can guide decisions.”

Dr. Silke McCance, Senior Manager, Global Talent Practice

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