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CX Inspector, our full-feature advanced text analytics solution now available with Theme Extractor and Generative AI, revolutionizes the analysis of open-end comments enabling the discovery of remarkably clear and detailed insights instantly, even when dealing with extensive datasets.

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CX Inspector’s new Theme Extractor with Generative AI technology (patent-pending) creates theme-based insights and clusters ideas into groups and instantly visualizes the results via charts and tables, delivering superior, actionable insights fast.

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • One click to insights! Load your file, and charts immediately identify top themes. Export the charts and tables to share results with others. 
  • Explore the results with filters, sentiment, co-occurences, trend reports and crosstabs with t-tests. Multi-lingual capabilities. Click thru to see the individual responses. 
  • Exceptional training and support to ensure your business needs are met. 
  • Uses the most advanced AI and NLP technologies and is trusted by the world’s top companies and market research firms.
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X-Score, a proprietary customer experience measurement, combines sentiment and frequency of themes with open ends to identify the key drivers that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can be used with any dataset.

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McGraw Hill collects thousands of customer comments through research, but we were not fully capitalizing on the breadth and depth of information available in those open ends. Often, we only scratched the surface with word clouds. In my search for a text analysis solution, I determined that no one did it better than Ascribe. Now with CX Inspector’s advanced text analysis capabilities, we can extract emerging themes and sentiment from customer comments providing valuable knowledge to our customer experience, product development, and sales and marketing teams. Thanks to Ascribe, we have gained a deeper understanding of our customers and enhanced our survey capabilities. 

Director, Market Research
McGraw Hill

Market researchers, insight professionals, business professionals, data scientists and human resource professionals use text analytics to analyze open ends from a variety of sources:
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Studies.
Voice of the Customer Research (VOC)
Advertising Copy Tests
Customer Experience Tracking (CX)
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Employee Engagement Surveys
Tracking Studies
Innovation Research
Concept Idea Tests
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CXI Go is a simple DIY text analytics solution which quickly identifies the top themes from open ends. Great for those who have a single project, or only have periodic needs to analyze a dataset. With its intuitive interface, no special training is needed. Load your file and with one click charts immediately identify the top insights, then easily export data and visuals. And your first project is free.

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