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Improve your coding productivity with our innovative verbatim coding software and management system which leverages the most advanced NLP, AI and Generative AI to deliver accurate coding results in a fraction of the time.

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Ascribe’s patent pending AI Coder with Theme Extractor technology provides the benefits of AI while allowing coders to stay in control of the results. It’s the fastest way to code a study.

AI Coder, a feature within Coder, delivers coding results similar to manual coding while reducing coding time by over 70%. Its Theme Extractor technology, upgraded with Generative AI (patent pending), creates a descriptive theme-based codebook with multi-level netting and codes responses automatically. AI Coder allows users to adjust the level of automation and generative AI and edit the coding and nets to stay in control of the results. AI Coder’s easy to use interface codes in multiple languages, connects the codes to the segment, can apply sentiment and save codebooks for future use. It’s the fastest way to code a study.

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AI Coder helps us code projects with open ends quickly even on large datasets, and based on the project’s desired output we can adjust the amount of manual coding to control costs and timing. Customers are delighted with the data they are receiving: they get it faster, it costs them less and they are getting insights from their open ends. And since AI Coder uses fewer coding hours, we can take on more projects. It’s a win for us and a win for our clients.

Director of Text Analytics,
C+R Research

Coder is a web-based, SaaS, verbatim management system which improves coding productivity and accuracy, reduces re-work, and saves time and costs. That’s why coding operation managers at the world’s largest market research firms love coder!

Project and team management tools allow managers to oversee a team of coders, engage in real-time collaboration, and ensure projects are completed on time with quality and accuracy. 

Assistance with integrating Coder into your process with universal import and export of data, and seamless integration into downstream processing and reporting.

Outstanding Training and Customer Support by an experienced team of experts to ensure your business needs are met.

Auto-coding capabilities improve coding speed and accuracy

Coding Assistant enables quick application of previous code to suggested responses.

Lightning Mode suggests codes for all uncoded verbatims based on coded responses.

Segment Coder allows users to code, tag and report segments of a response. 

Case Study

Ipsos Increases Productivity and Accuracy with Coder. Ipsos reduced processing time and minimized errors with automated data transfer.

Coder is the tool that enables us to manage vast and complex research data every day. A client-first approach is at the core of the Ipsos/Ascribe relationship. Ascribe demonstrates great support, curiosity, and an entrepreneurial spirit to address our unique challenges.
Jan Devenney VP of Operations,  Data Processing and Coding Ipsos

Code verbatim comments from any data source: 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Studies.
Voice of the Customer Research (VOC)
Advertising Copy Tests
Customer Experience Tracking (CX)
Customer Satisfaction Studies
Employee Engagement Surveys
Tracking Studies
Innovation Research
Concept Idea Tests
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