Ascribe Illustrator - An Interactive Data Visualization Tool

Ascribe Illustrator is an interactive data visualization tool which transforms Coder and CX Inspector results into powerful reports and dashboards to reveal insights, ensuring common understanding across the organization.

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Dynamic visualization for live presentations and real-time displays

Reveal actionable insights in a format that is easy to share and understand

Generate clear and concise charts and presentations

Drill-down analysis to retrieve specific comments

Filtering capability to illuminate meaning behind words

Automatic import and export from any source

Integrates structured and unstructured data

Outstanding customer training and support

Fully automated 

Ascribe Illustrator transforms structured and unstructured data into virtually any visual display.

Bar Charts

Pie Charts

Trend Lines


Word Clouds

Concept Clouds

Co-occurence Charts

Sentiment Heat Maps

Relationship Maps

Correlation Matrix

Mirror Charts

Star Charts