Ascribe Illustrator

Communicates actionable insights by visualizing data from verbatim comments into powerful and useful reports and dashboards.

  • Dynamic and Real-time Data Visualization
  • Multiple graphic outputs
  • Drill-downs and filters
  • Fully automated
  • Can be integrated with structured data
  • Automatic Import and Export from any source


  • Communicate insights analyzed through Coder or CX Inspector
  • Data Visualization

Sample Content

Dashboard management information systems are easy to read global displays of real-time data. The user interface consists of graphical representation(s) of key indicator. They offer a global view of the data in question and therefore enable quick, visual identifications of problematic areas. All the charts are interconnected: clicking on an element of one chart filters all the other charts on that particular element.

  • Co-Occurrence Charts
  • Correlation Matrix
  • Mirror Charts
  • Star Charts
  • Heat Maps
  • Enhanced Word Clouds