CINCINNATI, June 17, 2019 – Ascribe, a global verbatim analysis software company, and ASKi-Data, a market and social researching company based in Hamburg, Germany, today announced ASKi-Data CX Snapshot, a text analytics tool that provides marketers and advertisers same-day, data-driven insights from consumer feedback surveys, including NPS studies.

The new software, which is powered by Ascribe’s advanced natural language processing will enable ASKi-Data’s clients to quickly analyze open-ended responses and verbatim comments from large sample size surveys. “The benefit of this new solution is simple – it allows our clients to better understand their customers while also saving time and money,” said Gustav Jaeckel, Coding Manager at ASKi-Data. “This is especially true for our clients evaluating NPS, where the question is not necessarily positive or negative. With ASKI-Data CX Snapshot, our clients will receive same-day results that are easy to understand and cost less than manual coding.”

NPS and customer satisfaction surveys are widely used by organizations across the globe to understand the voice of the customer (VoC). However, open-ended questions that identify the issues driving high or low scores are often not included because they can be costly and time-consuming to analyze.

“Without the right tools, surveys with open-ended responses are difficult to analyze and often go unused. With the right tools, that same data can prove to be invaluable for marketers and advertisers,” said Rick Kieser, CEO at Ascribe. “ASKi-Data is solving the issue by being on the cutting edge of using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technologies to serve the growing demand for faster cycle times with improved insights at lower costs.”

Through the integration with Ascribe, ASKi-Data is leveraging Ascribe’s fourth generation text analytics offering. The software provides actionable insights by revealing the most important topics and sentiment (emotion) associated with them. ASKi-Data CX Snapshot gives users an instant overview of their customer’s experience and provides insights to act on or conduct further CX research.

Marketers and advertisers can contact either company to learn more about this invaluable text analytics tool at or