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EU Clients can fully leverage Ascribe’s leading verbatim analytics platform through the new EU based data center, built with the highest standards of security and privacy.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, May 12, 2021

Ascribe, a global verbatim analysis software and service company, announced that it has expanded operations in the European Union with the addition of a new data center based in Germany. Clients can now upload all data collected in the EU to Ascribe, including those for government studies. The new data environment was built with the highest standards of security and privacy to meet the needs of an expanding customer base and to ensure all EU client data remains within the EU and in compliance with GDPR. Ascribe’s leading verbatim analytics platform is now fully available for all EU projects to categorize and analyze verbatim comments quickly and easily, reducing analysis time and increasing productivity.

“After opening our office in Germany last year under the leadership of Gustav Jaeckel, establishing a data center in Germany is the next logical step in our expansion and meets the requests of existing clients that we bring Ascribe’s footprint completely into the EU,” says Rick Kieser, Ascribe CEO. “Our new EU data center has been built with security and privacy as top priorities and will comprehensively address compliance for public work in the EU. Now, our EU based clients will be able to code all of their EU work within Ascribe with data encrypted end-to-end and improved connection speed.”

About Ascribe

Founded in 1999, Ascribe’s leading verbatim analytics solutions and services help the world’s largest market research firms, corporate researchers and customer experience professionals structure verbatim comments for analysis. Ascribe’s comprehensive and flexible SaaS-based technologies enable accurate and fast analysis of verbatim comments regardless of channel or language.

Debbie Marquardt, Ascribe