CINCINNATI, OH, July 9, 2018 – Ascribe, a global verbatim analysis and survey insights company, introduces CX Snapshot, the latest text analytics software in the company’s product suite. CX Snapshot is designed for speed, accuracy and ease of use. Now decision makers can view their customer experience as never before. Organizations can instantly analyze and visualize verbatim comments, delivering faster, more actionable insights to improve customer experiences.

CX Snapshot automatically analyzes and visualizes themes and opinions from verbatim comments, regardless of the media or language. With Ascribe’s CX Snapshot, you can automatically categorize consumer feedback quickly and easily, which means greater productivity and more actionable insights to improve the customer experience.

“Whether you need to pre-test a marketing campaign, prioritize product initiatives, or gauge how customers feel about your product, consumer insights are valuable. With CX Snapshot, you can easily hear what customers say about their experience to inform important business decisions,” explains Ascribe CEO, Rick Kieser.  “Consumers give feedback on their terms, which means they would rather say what they think and feel. CX Snapshot gives decision makers knowledge of customers like never before, making those comments actionable instantly by revealing the themes and opinions from the most insight-rich part of feedback.”

According to Abigail Hollister, VP, Director of Client Services for Ameritest, “Ascribe’s domain expertise in the field of verbatim analysis is unmatched. CX Snapshot’s intuitive user interface is unlike any another text analytic offering on the market today.”

Results are intuitive and give users an instant overview of their customer’s experience and provides insights to act on or conduct further CX research. Users need minimal training to become proficient (typically less than one hour). The software is powered by Ascribe’s Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and can be used separately or incorporated into any survey software that supports a two-way API.