Coding Assistant and Segment Coder will enable users of Ascribe Coder to improve coding productivity and accuracy.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, September 1, 2021

Ascribe, a global verbatim analysis software and service company, announced the launch of Coding Assistant and Segment Coder as two new features in Coder, its industry-leading verbatim coding management system. 

Coding Assistant enables faster application of codes to responses, reducing manual coding time.  Using Artificial Intelligence, Coding Assistant automatically suggests responses similar to the last response coded and allows the user to quickly apply the same code to those suggested responses. Also released, Segment Coder allows users to tag, code, and report responses by segment. Now, codes can be associated with a specific piece of the response and reported by segment, improve coding accuracy and reporting.

“Working closely with our clients to address their feedback and improve coding productivity, we have developed two new cutting-edge features for Ascribe Coder.” says Rick Kieser, Ascribe CEO. “Coding Assistant will significantly improve the speed of coding similar responses by using Artificial Intelligence.  And Segment Coder’s ability to tag, code and report segments of a response will improve coding accuracy and reporting. Ascribe continues to invest in new capabilities to meet the growing needs of our diverse client base and to ensure Ascribe Coder remains the leader in coding management systems.”

About Ascribe

Founded in 1999, Ascribe’s leading verbatim analytics solutions and services help the world’s largest market research firms, corporate researchers and customer experience professionals structure verbatim comments for analysis. Ascribe’s comprehensive and flexible SaaS-based technologies enable accurate and fast analysis of verbatim comments regardless of channel or language.

Debbie Marquardt, Ascribe