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CINCINNATI, OH, July 10, 2019 – Ascribe, a global verbatim analysis and survey insights company, announces the addition of X-Score™ to its Ascribe CX Inspector text analytics software, providing researchers with a new approach to measuring customer satisfaction and uncovering the “why” behind satisfaction scores simply and easily.

X-Score is a patent pending approach to customer measurement that provides a customer satisfaction score derived from people’s authentic, open-ended comments about their experience. X-Score goes one step further than traditional sentiment and topic analysis by weighing the frequency of mentions to scale them to their relative importance. Researchers can be confident when using X-Score, as X-Score has been positively correlated to NPS at the 95% confidence level in testing. X-Score includes the X-Score Insights Report, which is an easy to read summary of the X-Score results, visually identifying the key positive and negative drivers of overall satisfaction.

Along with the new addition of the X-Score, CX Inspector, a full-featured text analytics tool, automatically provides topic and sentiment analysis based on customers’ verbatim comments, regardless of the media or language.

The software is powered by Ascribe’s Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and combined with machine learning. “Our clients are hyper-focused on enhancing their customer experience insights and are looking for tools to help them better understand what they need to do,” said Rick Kieser, CEO of Ascribe. “We are dedicated to providing them the best tools so they can make informed decisions quickly to stay ahead of the competition.”

CX Inspector includes innovative features:
• Instant dashboard of key topics and sentiment ratings
• X-Score measurement that calculates a numerical “experience” rating.
• Automatic translation and multi-lingual capability
• Drag-and-drop topic grouping capability to create custom taxonomies
• Easy to use ruleset functionalities to customize NLP results
• Results can be compared across groups and time, to establish benchmarks
and trends

Huntington Bank, a $100 Billion regional bank that operates nearly 1,000 branches across the Midwest, analyzes their customer feedback with Ascribe text analytics tools. “Ascribe’s CX Inspector is powerful and it expedites the ability to act on the voice of the customer. The ease of use and vast capabilities generate rapid insights unlike any other text analytics tool on the market,” stated Kellan Williams, Sr. Data Scientist at Huntington Bank.