As a research, marketing, or insights professional, you understand the importance of gathering and analyzing customer feedback contained in sources such as support tickets, social media, survey responses and customer or product review boards . However, finding a quick, easy, and affordable solution for unstructured data analysis in the form of open-end comments or text responses can be a real challenge. Many people are left reading the open-ends to gather insights or trying to code them in Excel.

Ascribe’s new software called CXI Go with Theme Extractor is a simple DIY text analytics solution that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to extract the top themes from open-ends or text comments, providing you with a simple and affordable solution to analyze customer feedback. With CXI Go you will be analyzing datasets and sharing reports in under an hour. 

Load to Insights

The process is simple. After uploading your file of closed end and text data to our text analysis software, charts immediately appear, identifying your top actionable insights from the open-end comments. You’ll be able to quickly see what your customers are saying about your product or service, giving you valuable information that you can use to improve your offerings. You can choose which charts give the best visualization of the results and easily export charts and tables to share with others.  

Instant Themes

One of the new features of CXI Go is Theme Extractor. This innovative advanced AI technology immediately reveals the top themes from your open-end comments, a big step forward from single-word topics requiring deeper digging. As a result, the charts will reveal more helpful information such as “Lines too long for food,” instead of topics other qualitative text analysis solutions provide such as “Lines”. Theme Extractor is a game changer! It automates the process and makes it easy to see your customers’ most important issues, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Easily Edit your Findings

The results are easily customizable. Themes can be combined and the titles of themes can be manually edited if needed. You can also filter by variables and create crosstabs. This gives you the flexibility to create a report that answers your key questions. 

Sentiment Analysis

CXI Go with Theme Extractor also provides sentiment analysis, one of the more popular types of text categorization. You’ll be able to visualize positive, neutral, and negative themes, giving you a complete picture of how your customers feel. This information is critical when it comes to data-driven decision making, as it allows you to see how customers are responding to specific aspects of your product or service.

X-Score Satisfaction Measure

Included in the results is X-Score, Ascribe’s proprietary customer experience measure, which combines the sentiment and frequency of topics to identify the key drivers that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. X-score creates the measurement directly from open ends, so a satisfaction score can be determined even if the data set did not include a typical question such as “How satisfied were you with your experience?” or “How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend?”  

Click Through The Theme to See Individual Responses

Another advantage of CXI Go is that you can click through the theme to see exactly what a person said. This provides a deeper understanding of their comments so you can provide the best customer support possible. 

Simple to Use and Affordable

The most significant benefit of CXI Go is that it’s simple to use and affordable. There’s no manual coding or specialized training needed to use our solution. Tips and guides are provided right on the screen making it very user-friendly. If you have only one dataset to analyze or a few, it’s so easy to do. Just load, analyze, and export charts! It’s available on a project basis, with no contract needed. At $99 per data file load, CXI Go makes advanced artificial intelligence text mining and analytics available and affordable to everyone. 

Why wait? Try it with our Free Trial Offer now!

CXI Go with Theme Extractor brings you our latest innovation, a simple yet powerful, DIY text analytics solution that delivers valuable insights from open-ends with minimal effort and at an affordable price. Visit the CX Inspector webpage to learn more or start your free trial now at!

Ascribe, the company behind CXI Go has been trusted by businesses for over 20 years to help analyze open-end comments. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses face when it comes to gathering and analyzing customer feedback.