The next episode of the Ascribe Podcast is now live! In this episode, special guest Lara Rice, Managing Director of Ascribe, joins Chrissy and Gustav to discuss the evolution of coding within the market research industry, and at Ascribe how years of manual coding experience coupled with valuable feedback from customers on their needs have been fueling constant innovation. Lara shares insights into the development of Ascribe solutions’ artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and their journey from machine learning to AI Coder and beyond. 


We’ll also discuss how AI technologies have transformed the coding process, making it faster and more efficient while emphasizing the continued relevance of human intervention for oversight and quality assurance. Our panel tackles common fears and misconceptions of AI, such as job displacement and data security concerns, while sharing how Ascribe is prepared to combat these issues.


With Artificial Intelligence creating a deeper foothold in the market research industry, Ascribe’s ongoing efforts to develop AI-assisted tools will continue.