All businesses today are flooded with unstructured, open end consumer comments. From internet reviews to social media posts and responses to survey questions, a mountain of unstructured text begs for analysis. And the information in these open ends is extremely valuable because these comments are your customers and prospects telling you what is most important to them.

Unfortunately, open-end analysis is difficult, time-consuming and labor intense. Unstructured comments can be chaotic and filled with misspellings, symbols (e.g., “$!#??!”), and just plain nonsense. Cleaning, coding, sorting, and analyzing unstructured text responses can take hours and days that most marketing and research professionals simply do not have.

CX Inspector, now with the power of Theme Extractor and Generative AI, is a significant leap forward in text analysis technology, extracting descriptive actionable insights from open end responses instantly. Load a dataset of any size and in one click charts and tables reveal insights that uncover a comprehensive understanding of customers’ comments. The benefits of CX Inspector with Theme Extractor and Generative AI include: 

  • Clear and Descriptive Insights Instantly. CX Inspector identifies key themes in the responses, allowing you to grasp the underlying patterns and trends in a matter of minutes. The intuitive interface immediately delivers charts and tables highlighting the themes and visualizing the results. Exporting data tables and charts is a breeze, allowing you to incorporate insights into your reports and presentations seamlessly.
  • Clustering Ideas into Groups. CX Inspector can group themes together. This intelligent feature analyzes the data and provides cohesive clusters of insights, enabling you to uncover deep, interconnected patterns that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.
  • Dive Deeper Into the Data. Explore the results further by applying filters and sentiment, examining co-occurrences, and generating trend reports and crosstabs with t-tests. And at any point, you can click through a theme to see the individual respondent comments. The platform empowers you to navigate the results quickly, ensuring you understand both the comprehensive insights and a granular view of customer comments.
  • Save Time and Labor. With CX Inspector’s Theme Extractor with Generative AI, you can extract insights from datasets with unparalleled speed. No longer will you need to spend countless hours manually sifting through data and struggling to identify meaningful patterns. Instead, with a load-to-insights timeframe of minutes, not hours or days, you can quickly load your file and let the powerful CX Inspector process the information, freeing up your valuable time to interpret the results and formulate strategic recommendations.
  • Scalable to Any Size Dataset. Whether you’re dealing with a handful of responses or a larger dataset, CX Inspector can analyze the data quickly. No need to carve out a sub-set of the data file for analysis hoping it is representative. CX Inspector can analyze it all while maintaining a high level of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Multilingual Capabilities. Furthermore, CX Inspector is language-agnostic and handles multiple languages effortlessly. This flexibility allows you to analyze datasets with responses in numerous languages, unlocking insights from diverse markets and customer segments.
  • X-Score for Customer Satisfaction Measurement. CX Inspector includes X-Score, Ascribe’s proprietary measure which identifies the key drivers that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty right from the open-end responses. This invaluable information lets you quickly and confidently make data-driven decisions to enhance customer experiences and improve business outcomes.

Simply put, Theme Extractor with Generative AI enables CX Inspector to deliver better insights from open ends faster.

Some companies today have concerns about the security of data processed using tools such as ChatGPT, Open AI, and Generative AI. At Ascribe, customers’ privacy and security concerns come first, and customers choose the level of automation and Generative AI for each analysis. Ascribe uses the Microsoft Azure OpenAI environment where your data is not available to other customers and is not used to enhance the OpenAI models, nor any Microsoft or third-party products or services. Additional information can be found at

For over 20 years, Ascribe has been innovating with the most advanced AI technologies to make open end analysis easy. Researchers and marketers around the globe have collaborated with us to develop our innovations and they trust Ascribe’s solutions to meet their business needs.

Experience the power of CX Inspector with Theme Extractor and Generative AI today and revolutionize how you uncover insights from open ends. With its user-friendly interface which instantly extracts descriptive theme-based insights from a dataset and visualizes them in charts and tables, CX Inspector’s latest release is a game-changer in text analysis. Your organization’s success depends on staying ahead of the curve, and Theme Extractor with Generative AI gives you the key to unlocking untapped insights faster than ever before.