By Rick Kieser, Ascribe CEO

In a dynamic market research landscape dominated by Gen AI, Ascribe unveils a new release of its groundbreaking innovation – Theme Extractor. This cutting-edge technology integrated into Ascribe’s CX Inspector and AI Coder addresses the challenges presented by ever-evolving Gen AI and delivers effective, faster, and cost-efficient open-end analysis. 

Theme Extractor with Gen AI initially delivered deeper understanding of customer thoughts and ideas by transforming single-word topic results into descriptive, meaningful themes, for example “Checkouts” to “Have more checkouts open,” and by quantifying emotions factoring in sentiment strength and frequency. 

The latest release takes a giant leap forward and overcomes issues created by the latest Gen AI, improving result accuracy, simplifying complex themes and reducing overlap. For example, it separates complex codes like “Salty and spicy” into “Salty” and “Spicy”. 

Perhaps Theme Extractor’s most innovative and important feature is enabling human control, allowing users to guide and oversee the analysis. Manual changes such as toggling Gen AI, providing context, editing results, training codebooks and setting the number of codes enable flexibility that empowers market researchers to ensure that the text analysis results align with business needs. 

In a landscape where Gen AI is no longer a question but a necessity, Ascribe’s Theme Extractor remains a game-changer for analyzing open ends quickly and accurately. Connect with us today or request a demo to learn more.