One Click to Actionable Insights

Unlocking the true potential of open-end comments has never been easier. CX Inspector with Theme Extractor uncovers descriptive, actionable insights from open ends instantly, a significant leap forward in text analysis technology.

  • Extracts descriptive themes with one click. Upload your data set and immediately charts and tables appear which highlight theme-based insights and visualize the results.
  • Analyze any size data set in minutes. From several hundred to several thousand responses, CX Inspector can analyze the data set quickly.
  • Dive deep into the data. Group key themes together, apply filters and sentiment, examine co-occurrences and generate trend reports and crosstabs with t-tests to understand both broad trends and granular details. Also, click through a theme to see the individual responses.
  • Over 50 languages. CX Inspector analyzes responses in multiple languages and shows results in your choice of over 50 languages.
  • X-Score measures customer satisfaction. X-Score, Ascribe’s proprietary measure, identifies the key drivers that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty directly from open-end responses.
  • Save and restore projects. Don’t let your work go to waste! Save your projects to restore for future use.
  • Easily export data tables and charts. Seamlessly integrate results into reports and presentations.

Unleash the power of CX Inspector with Theme Extractor today and revolutionize how you uncover insights from open-ends to enable data-based decisions that drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and business success. Connect with us today at CX Inspector to learn more and request a free demo with your data set.