Case Study: How C+R Research Leverages AI Coder to Improve Their Coding Services

C+R Research is a full-service custom qualitative and quantitative integrated insight agency. Founded over 60 years ago, C+R has grown and thrived by providing clients with great research, deep perspective, and committed client service. Part of that is adapting solutions and methods to keep pace with the market research industry and the world in which clients operate.

Clients Want to Analyze Open Ends to Uncover Insights, but are Short on Time and Money. One challenge facing C+R is clients forgoing analysis of their open ends because of the time and labor involved, especially on large data sets. Many clients prefer to see results as fast as possible even if that means only analyzing the closed ends, and other clients simply don’t have the funds to code their open-end responses at all. At the same time, however, clients are not satisfied with relying solely on the close-ended data for insights. As a result, C+R sees a growing need for faster and less expensive coding services so clients can uncover insights from open-ends.

AI Coder Enables C+R to Deliver Coding Projects that Meet Clients’ Needs C+R’s solution to this challenge is Ascribe’s AI Coder, an artificial intelligence-based codebook builder and coding system that automatically creates a multi-level codebook and codes the responses in minutes. Depending on the project, C+R uses AI Coder to eliminate or supplement manual coding, thereby controlling project costs and timing. For short surveys like mall intercepts which typically take 2-3 days to code, C+R can now deliver the data within a day by using AI Coder. And for studies with larger datasets, even those with meaty responses, C+R now can analyze the open ends in a few hours whereas before it took several days. With AI Coder, C+R coders are in control of the results, and can adjust the level of automation and manual coding to meet the cost and timing needs of the client.

“Customers are delighted with the data they are receiving; they get it faster, it costs them less and they are getting insights from their open ends. And since AI Coder uses fewer coding hours, we can take on more projects. It’s a win for us and a win for our clients.”

Victoria, Director of Analytics, C+R Research

AI Coder is Fast, Cost Effective and Accurate

C+R recently used AI Coder on a study in the finance industry which included 3,552 responses. AI Coder coded 83% of the response in minutes. As you can see in the snapshots of the output at left and below, AI Coder creates codes and nets which capture phrases and sentiment which are well-developed and highly meaningful.

AI Coder also empowers coders to customize the coding by adjusting the level of automation, editing the codes and nets, and clicking through the codes to see the responses and make adjustments if necessary.

C+R was able to complete this Financial Industry study in 3 hours, whereas manual coding would have taken 35+ hours. See C+R results using AI Coder at right.

C+R chooses to use AI Coder on many projects as it delivers significant coding productivity gains while lowering costs and providing a high level of accuracy. The C+R team finds AI Coder easy to use with its intuitive interface and integration into Ascribe’s Coder verbatim management platform.

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