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CXI Go with Theme Extractor is a simple DIY text analytics solution which instantly finds the top themes from open ends and visualizes the results with minimal effort at an affordable cost.


CINCINNATI, Ohio, February 28, 2023

Ascribe, a global text analysis software and service company, proudly announces the launch of CXI Go
with Theme Extractor
, a simple yet powerful text analytics solution designed for people who are
searching for a quick, easy and affordable way to analyze open end comments, with no contracts or
training needed. With CXI Go, load your file with one click and charts immediately appear identifying
the top themes. Then easily export the data and visuals.

CXI Go is powered by Ascribe’s new Theme Extractor technology which reveals top themes instantly
from open end comments. No manual coding, no rulesets and no taxonomies are needed. This
immediate theme-based result is a big step forward from single word topics more commonly in use
today which require deeper digging to find the big idea.

“We are thrilled to launch CXI Go with Theme Extractor to enable people to unlock valuable insights
from open end comments quickly.” says Rick Kieser, Ascribe CEO. “CXI Go makes advanced AI text
analysis available to everyone with its DIY easy-to-use interface and affordable price point. CXI Go
users will be analyzing comments and sharing reports in under an hour. Give it a go with our Free

With CXI Go, results can be customized easily by selecting preferred charts, filtering by a variable,
creating cross tabs and applying sentiment. And click through a theme to find the individual comments.
CXI Go offers the first project for free at then charges $99 per project thereafter.

About Ascribe
Ascribe is a leading provider of text analytics and verbatim coding management systems that help
businesses analyze open end comments, whether from surveys, reviews or feedback. With over 20
years of experience, Ascribe leverages advanced AI technologies that enable market research, insight
and customer experience professionals around the world to analyze text comments quickly and easily.
Debbie Marquardt