CINCINNATI, Ohio, July 19, 2023

Ascribe, a leading provider of SaaS text analysis solutions, announces the integration of cutting-edge Generative AI in CX Inspector with Theme Extractor and AI Coder with Theme Extractor.

CX Inspector, now with the power of Theme Extractor and Generative AI, extracts descriptive actionable insights from open end responses instantly. Load a dataset of any size and in one click charts reveal insights that uncover a comprehensive understanding of customers’ thoughts and feelings. With CX Inspector’s intuitive interface, users can cluster ideas into groups and explore results using filters, sentiment, and a variety of charts and tables, and then easily export their results. CX Inspector delivers better insights from open ends, faster.  

In parallel, AI Coder, a feature in Ascribe’s Coder verbatim management system, now leverages Theme Extractor with Generative AI to deliver accurate coding results similar to manual coding in a fraction of the time. Theme Extractor automatically builds a theme-based codebook with multi-level netting and codes responses. Users can maintain full control of the coding process, adjusting the level of automation, editing the coding and fine-tuning the results. AI Coder is the fastest way to code a study, significantly improving productivity for coding operation teams.

“We are thrilled to introduce the integration of Generative AI into our Theme Extractor technology,” said Rick Kieser, CEO of Ascribe. “This innovation, currently pending patent approval, extracts incredibly clear and descriptive themes from open end analysis, marking a significant leap forward in text analysis technology. The new releases of CX Inspector and AI Coder are delivering outstanding results, and our clients are delighted.”

To learn more about Ascribe and its innovative solutions designed to make open end analysis easy, visit www.goascribe.com.

About Ascribe

Ascribe is a leading provider of text analytics and verbatim coding management systems that help businesses analyze open end comments, whether from surveys, reviews or feedback. With over 20 years of experience, Ascribe leverages advanced AI technologies that enable market research, insight and customer experience professionals around the world to analyze text comments quickly and easily.  


Media Contact: 

Debbie Marquardt, CMO